The Hudson City Democratic Committee promotes Progress for All:

Access to Opportunities

  • A business climate that sparks successful ventures and opportunities for Hudson’s workforce
  • Quality education and career training that prepares residents for success
  • Therapy, treatment, and recreation as alternatives to incarceration
  • A diverse workforce in our local government


  • Safe, good quality income-based and affordable housing

Engagement in Our Government

  • Open, transparent decision making
  • Respect for all individuals in every interaction with city and county personnel
  • Increased participation at the polls, in public meetings, and on boards and committees

Health and Safety

  • Clean air, water, streets and parks
  • Safe sidewalks and crosswalks

Quality of Life

  • An expanded business district in order to provide more goods and services to more people
  • Appealing and accessible parks and shared spaces
  • Public transportation
  • Programs for youth and seniors that stimulate wellness and learning
  • A climate that celebrates Hudson’s diversity

The Vision Statement was adopted at the May 10, 2016 meeting.